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El Gato Del Amor

A photo of the original 'El Gato' that came from
a botanica.

A photo of the original instruction paper that came with
the charm.


I asked a friend who lives in Peru and is totallyfluent in Spanish if she would please translate this for me. This is what she came up with:

"Catch to qualquier person with fast effects; the red cat of the love attracts and dominates the loved being. with a red pin of head the name of the person nails to him in the heart, pronouncing who is desired to attract puts the name to him in a paper and it sticks the cat to him. it surrounds it in its pantaleta by three days and luegolo burns with a little alcohol and altar a smoke cloud, that atraera to the person; dominating it."

If you speak Spanish and come up with a diferent/better translation, I'd love to see it.I'll post any other versions on this page (with permission, of course).

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